A lovely way to spend a Saturday morning…

…at your local farmer’s market!

I heard rumors that a farmer’s market exists in Youngstown. I knew that the CSA (community supported agriculture) pick-ups might possibly occur at a farmer’s market but my brain just never put it together. So I finally did a bit more searching and found out that the Youngstown Farmer’s Market happens on Tuesdays and Saturdays! Grow Youngstown has put together this little freshly-grown mecca but it is fairly hard to find if you do not know the right people (And being new-ish to the area, I don’t! And that’s why I created this blog – so you do!).

I took $20 with me (I knew I would spend whatever was in my pocket. I was even digging for hidden quarters towards the end!) and came home with gorgeous fruits, veggies, and even flowers! I bought a few things that I’ve never tried before and a few delicious favorites.

My favorite table had garlic, herbs, tomatoes, leeks,and much more!

That bunch of basil in the back corner had my name all over it!!

My haul - The only things missing are the 3 pots of white mums that are going to look glorious by my front porch!

A few other highlights were a man who has a passion for heritage tomatoes grown free of pesticides and chemicals (that’s where those beauties came from) and a man who I’m assuming has the most gorgeous garden in NEO based on the gladiolas and mums that he had for sale. I also ADORED his cotton bags that he sold for $1 with a sign that pointed out that plastic bags are made of oil! Sometimes I feel all alone in my quest to be eco-chic but I am continually inspired by these random acts of green.

I will end this post with a photo of my first farmer’s market meal – simple and delicious. Just like eating green should be!

I forgot to take a photo until I has halfway through the dish! That's how tasty it was. The heritage green tomato was ripe and the basil was refreshing...and who doesn't love a bit of cheese?

Youngstown Farmer’s Market Information

Tuesdays: Central Square, Downtown Youngstown 12pm-3pm

Saturdays: 1105 Elm St (in front of the Unitarian Universalist Church), Youngstown 9am-12pm

Check out this article in Sunday’s Vindicator – they decided to check out the farmer’s market the same day as me!

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