Challenge Accepted!

Let’s just get this out in the open – I dread Mondays. Always too much to do and too little time to do it in…and I can’t help wistfully daydreaming about my fabulous weekend that is now over due to Monday’s arrival.

In order to bring some sunshine to Monday, I’m starting a new goal for Mondays. Every Monday I am challenging myself to do something fabulously eco-chic that week. I’m a sucker for a challenge (just like Barney from How I Met Your Mother) and now I’m holding myself accountable to the blogging gods. The plan is to post about the (hopeful) success of the challenge and then issue a new one every weekend.

Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

Challenge #1:  No purchasing of beverages in plastic bottles.

This seems pretty obvious. We have all seen the Brita water filter commercial about the plastic water bottles stretching to infinity and beyond. This should be the easiest, most obvious eco-chic tip out there. And then there’s the situation that trips up even the most eco-chic – traveling. I always seem to mess the plastic bottle thing up when I am spending hours in the car (I know – the gas is worse than the bottles but I still hold that even the littlest actions add up to a happy earth). Gas station water is vaguely creepy when you fill up a reusable water bottle and fast food becomes more and more convenient.

So – why is the most obvious green law out there my challenge this week? I am driving to and from Tennessee (8 hours each way). My little bro is deploying to Afghanistan and I am spending the weekend with him and my aunt. A very worthy car trip but a very long,thirsty one as well.

How do I plan to succeed? I am going to finally remember to bring my reusable water bottle to work so I do not sit at my desk dreaming of iced tea all day (we have no vending machines here). Then, I will pack a mini cooler to bring on the road trip with my reusable bottles filled with the dreamt of iced tea. And snacks. Healthy ones – maybe. Ones healthier than the delicious Tornados/Taquitos sold at gas stations after hours of spinning on those hot dog cookers (best from Speedway!).

What situations trip you up on this challenge? Car rides? Work vending machines? A love for a cold pop?

I don’t know about you but I love a fountain pop. In fact, I am well known for running to the gas station during a stressful work moment to grab a fountain pop. My motto is: Get a fountain pop and get it done. I might need to find a new motto this week…

I will report back on Monday and let you know how it goes…wish me luck!

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