Being eco-chic can be hard on the wallet. I am ALWAYS on the search for an organic/natural/biodegradable, etc item on sale or clearance. It’s so much easier to go green if it doesn’t use up more green than a “normal product.”

I wasn’t able to come up with a Green Deal that I felt was suitable today so I want to share one of my major tips – Always keep your eyes peeled. WIDE OPEN. You never know where you will find a fabulous eco-chic item for a price that won’t make your online banking statement weep. A few of my favorite places to walk around with my eyes WIDE OPEN are: Ollie’s (connected to the Eastwood Mall), Aldi, and Big Lots. Ollie’s and Big Lots are two discount stores that always seem to have green treasures mixed right in with the other products. Aldi sometimes has organic products in their “Special Buy” area so sneak a peak the next time you are there.

My most recent green finds that saved on the green are:

Home Depot – A HUGE clearance on the Martha Stewart line of eco-cleaning products. My S.O. and I scooped up 5 bottles of dishwasher detergent, one huge container of laundry soap, and one bottle of liquid fabric softener for $12!!!! We’ve barely made a dent in these products with consistent use over the past month. The products were all gone when I was there over the weekend but it was a great deal while it lasted. I even had a few coupons that I had left at home (Home Depot – not a place I usually bring my coupon organizer) that would have sweetened the deal further! The Martha Stewart products are biodegradable, not tested on animals, no phosphates, etc – swoon!

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet – Biodegradable doggie bags (~$1) (no one likes the neighbor who does not clean up after their pooch), biodegradable cat littler bags (~1.25) (who really likes scoopable litter? Ok, maybe people like this but it makes me puke a teeny bit in my mouth), organic pasta sauce ($1.75 down from $6!), and Kashi protein bars ($0.79 down from $2). This was my first trip though Ollie’s and I spied many other green products with my little eye. Really fabulous deals. Drool worthy deals that I can’t wait to go back for. Quick funny story: the biodegradable doggie bags are these small green bags. Whenever Carl (my pup) sees this green bag, he knows that he’s going for a walk and gets so excited. I like to think that he knows that he’s an eco-chic doggie and is just so happy about it. But it’s probably the walk…

Big Lots (not so recent find but worth mentioning) – Seventh Generation Dishwasher packets for only $2.50. This is a fabulous detergent and actually worked the best in our old dishwasher.

What eco-chic deals have you found lately?? Please share!

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  1. Devona says:

    Now that you are in Kent you should check out Gabe’s. They always have “green” food products on discount, mostly because of torn packaging. Not to mention, that buying closeout, slightly irregular clothing saves money and is almost as green as buying secondhand clothing.

    Nice to blog-meet you. Hopefully we will run into each other in real life, too!

  2. Fabulous! I ran in to Gabe’s the other day but it was right after a work out and I just couldn’t focus…I will do a more thorough tour next time and report back!!

    I have been watching your blog for more events like Crafty Mart 🙂 I LOVED it! So much incredible energy and creative people…I never wanted to leave!

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