Recycle Bank – Earning Rewards for being Eco-Chic!

I know that I feel fabulous when I live an eco-chic lifestyle – and I love it even more when I am rewarded for it! So, after reading a few posts on other blogs, I decided to check out Recycle Bank.

I am slightly obsessed with earning rewards with every purchase (especially through Ebates) so Recycle Bank seems like a natural choice. The registration process was easy enough – name, email, address for reward, etc.

This organization seems to be ideal if you live in one of the cities that works with Recycle Bank. Basically, you put all of your recyclables into one container and then the amount that your recycle is documented by your waste hauler. Points are credited to your account for every pound of recyclable material! For people like me who do not live in a Recycle Bank town, you can earn points for completing surveys and reading education tidbits to help make your life more eco-chic and fabulous.

The website is fairly easy to navigate but has large ads for random sites that I would not necessarily consider green.You have to click around to find point earning opportunities and their blog but it is worth it! I already learned a few helpful Thanksgiving tips that I will pass on to you later in the week.

I easily earned 100 points for signing up as a new member, registering for the Ebay Green Team, and taking a quick quiz on a P&G Green Home.

What does 100 points mean equal? A $10/2 Leapster coupon, a coupon for 2 free cans of Fancy Feast, $3 coupon for any Kashi coupon, etc. If you save your points, you can get gift cards to Ebay, Amazon, etc.

At this point, I am totally digging this site. I am disappointed that I have not signed up before now! Of course, updates will provided!

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