A Secret Eco-Chic Resource

So! I love getting steals and deals on eco-chic items for myself, my home, my office, my significant other, my family, etc. Recent Goodwill finds for me include a Banana Republic top and brand new sheets that clean your paper shredder. I know that the shredder sheets are random but we invested in a quality shredder to 1. protect our identities! and 2. stop buying a new shredder every 6 months. These sheets clean and lubricate your shredder to sustain its life but they are annoyingly expensive – except when you find them at good will for 1/4 of the price! Score!

I recently discovered Goodwill’s online auction site and immediately thought to myself, “Now this is where they are hiding all the good stuff!.” I used to hear stories of insane finds of vintage Chanel bags and Coach scarves at Goodwill but not so much lately. Goodwill has started to auction designer and nicer items at www.shopgoodwill.com to make some extra bucks off of their extra special donated items.

During a quick perusal of the site, I found Vera Bradley laptop bags and belts, Coach shoes, and super adorable gray fringe booties that are incredibly trendy this season. I am so sad that these booties are not in my size – this is the perfect way to be eco-chic AND a fabulous trend setter!

A few more finds – child-sized Uggs, BCBG booties, and Talbots boots!

Good luck and happy bidding! Can’t wait to see what you find!


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