Wordless Wednesday – Better late than never!

One of my favorite posts from my favorite blogs is Wordless Wednesdays. It’s all about showing that you talk the talk but you ALSO walk the walk, so to speak. I also love getting a glimpse in to the life of the person behind the blog! And on to the photo!

A peek in to my morning!

Here is the secret to my happy face in the morning! Coffee! I am a huge monster if I do not have a cup within 20 minutes of getting up. It’s my major vice…I am addicted and dependent on caffeine!

So – I move in to an apartment for my new work position and left most of my belongings behind in my house near Youngstown along with my sig other and roommate. The item that I missed the most was, you guessed it, the coffee pot! Not Paul – the coffee pot. So I started drinking instant coffee because I did have a microwave and a hot water kettle. But it was lacking. So instead of purchasing a brand-spanking new coffee pot that would basically be sent packing to Goodwill as soon as Paul moves in this spring…I waited and waited and waited for a suitable pot to show up at Goodwill. It took a few weeks (not that I went every day…just once a week or so) but now here it is! My reused but new to me bit of sunshine in the morning!

Lesson learned – a bit of patience saves you money and helps the earth! Our culture is so disposable that I was proud to wait and find a used coffee pot…that will make it’s way back to Goodwill eventually!

Side note: The orange mug in the photo is from the Fiestaware Tent Sale. It happens 2x a year and they sell off all of the “mistakes” that are not suitable for Macy’s, Kohl’s, etc. I have always found items in near perfect condition and love that I will keep them forever – it’s a fiesta in my kitchen every day!


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