Eco-Chic Deals of the Week 1-16-11

Mercedes at Common Sense with Money has started rounding up Organic and Natural deals on her site – and it is a fabulous resource! Coupons, Groupons, and online deals galore!

Here are the usual suspects…


Tom’s of Maine $3.99 (I ❤ tom’s of maine toothpaste so I definitely picked up two – my sig other calls it tree bark…but uses it anyways)
deodorant toothpaste or mouthwash
$3.00 ECB
Limit two


Tom of Maine $3.99 – Not a repeat. I usually hate using “couponing” at Walgreens but I might make a stop for this deal!)
Deodorant – toothpaste or mouthwash
$3.00 Register Reward
= 99¢

Giant Eagle (starting 1/20/11)

Bear Naked Granola $4.00
Use $1.00 printable

Newman’s Own Salad Dressing or Salsa $2.50
Use $.50 from 1/23/R
= $1.50

The tricky part about “couponing” (and something I just started thinking about this year) is the balance between saving money to be eco-chic and over-consumption. I used to do the serious coupon game and had a stockpile of toothpaste (not Tom’s of Maine!), shampoo, otc meds, etc as well as food (enough pasta for months!). I decided to commit to purchasing eco-friendly products when possible – so that meant a huge reduction in my couponing. I still love the deals that I am able to score but it has honestly been easier just focusing on the “greener” deals. I go to Aldi pretty often and do buy non-green foods but I try to eat simpler food instead of buying frozen entrees, etc. Couponing is easily a consuming hobby once you “learn the game” – but try to resist! How much pasta and body wash do you REALLY need?

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