Do YOU know what’s in your sweet treats???

I’ve mentioned Food, Inc. a few times on this blog (I promise – a review will come after I re-watch the film). I truly am inspired by this documentary (ask all of my friends and family…the backyard chicken coop idea came up right afterward) and made some life changes immediately (as in seconds) after the credits finished rolling.

Just a few points brought up in the movie that continued to twirl around and consume my mind…

  • Should you really be eating something with ingredients that you can’t even pronounce?? I’m not talking Tikka Masala, more like tricalcium phosphate (That just might have been on the box of Count Chocula I pulled out of my cabinet. I am obviously not a saint.)
  • Do you truly understand the horrid conditions the animals that become your food live in? And how that makes you sick? Not psychologically sick but physically sick.
  • How messed up we are becoming due to all the antibiotics dumped in to these animals’ food?
  • Rule # 1: You should only eat junk food (french fries, candy, etc) as often as you can make it from scratch. Otherwise you need to be eating fresh food, and lots of it!

I’m not very conviencing…but Michael Pollan does a better job.

SO, weaving my way back to my original point, I immediately jumped on the “back to the basics” food trend and I’m still going strong…at least as far as the junk food goes! I’ve made french fries, bbq sauce, and English muffins from scratch…all delicious! A few failures came up and one epic fail of lemon pasta for a meatless meal. I’m best at sweets…my sweet tooth really does a good job of controlling my brain sometimes.

One of my favorite flavors in the world is caramel. I also enjoy goat cheese, chocolate, cheetos, and moscato wine but caramel is right up there with them! It’s been on my “to-do list” (which only seems to get longer by the way…never shorter) for MONTHS. So I tried this recipe minus the chocolate dipping and sea salt when I had some downtime over the weekend…and they are delicious! One of the office workers kept ducking in to my office to steal “just one more” and I was happy to oblige…or else my belly would be full of caramel. And my dentist would hate me.

After adding the main ingredients of sugar, corn syrup (evil, I know but after all that sugar I’m not sure it mattered), and cream, it looked like this…

Then I added the vanilla, salt and butter and poured it in to the Fiestaware baking dish to cool…

And then the pot looked like this…and my tongue was on fire…remember – caramel is HOT (unlike icing)

And now I have a delicious plate of caramels that I can easily justify as being “healthy” and don’t mind stealing just one more!

Suggestion: The salt really did up the flavor in the best way possible. I picked up some Pink Sea Salt at TJ Maxx later in the weekend and I can’t wait to make this recipe again with the added topping…and maybe I will add some chocolate in the 3rd.


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