Upcycled Crafts inspired by Martha (yes, that Martha)

One of my favorite ways to be green is to “upcycle” or repurpose (Paul HATES this word. No idea why. He just does. With a passion.) I love turning an unloved item in to something to marvel at…

I purchased a set of mounted antlers at a garage sale last summer.  An older gentleman was selling a few of these trophies from his hunting days. To me, this is a fun vintage piece begging to be put on my wall in a whimsical kind of way, but these antlers represented a story, people, an experience to this man. Another special part of upcycling is that you keep a little bit of “what was” with the new item. You can’t get that feeling and story from a “big box” store. Now I will always remember my first garage sale in my first neighborhood where we bought our house…and this man’s story lives on.

I painted them white, glossed them up, and then turned in to a handy place to hang my keys when I walk in the door.  Oh, and it’s an adorable and trendy decoration.

On the same note, I was inspired by the Queen of Craftiness herself – Ms. Martha Stewart – when this article about Quick & Easy Upgrades popped up on her website. These upgrades really are quick and easy…Or you can make them as complicated and fun as you want!

My favorites (aka added to the always multiplying “when I’m inspired to craft” to-do list) are the TV/Monitor Cozy, Half-Table Console, Quick Quilt, Pillow Bands, and the Patterned Board. They have already made their way on to my “Rogers List.” My Rogers list is a list of things that I would love to scout out and bargain for at Rogers flea market. This is a HUGE flea market and auction in Rogers, OH and I love finding bargains, treasures, and fresh veggies here. I spend most Fridays from May to August there. It doesn’t hurt that the best pizza in Ohio is also sold here. Random, I know but you will just have to trust me. You will be sure to see more mention of the List, Rogers, and my finds in the coming months.

BTW – One of the bloggers over at Clever Nesting just announced that she is putting together a book all about “upcycling” and repurposed crafts. I can’t wait for her brilliant mind to inspire me!

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2 Responses to Upcycled Crafts inspired by Martha (yes, that Martha)

  1. Love, LOVE the antlers. Good find!

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