Quick Round-up of Organic & Natural Deals in the Blog-o-Sphere – 1/27/11

Click on over to Mercedes with Common Sense with Money for some printable coupons (including a Horizon organic milk q) and a Kashi deal!

We might as well include the new Giant Eagle (1/27-2/2) deals in this post as well. As always, thanks to Cherry Picker!

Honest Tea $1.00 (This tea is delicious but I’m trying hard to reduce my use of drinks in plastic bottles)

Seventh Generation 32 load Laundry detergent $6.99
Use $1.00 from 1/23/R

So it looks like you are drinking tea and doing laundry this weekend!

FYI: There are $1 off any Seventh Generation item (except for single roll paper towels) coupons out there that don’t expire until April! I always go to Ebay to buy these because it’s so easy with Paypal but you can also try Kuntry Klippers (a coupon clipping site where you pay $1 or 2 for 20 coupons). I might accidentally be bidding on 40 coupons on Ebay due to my over-zealous/over-tired clicking last night…Who knows? maybe they will be my first giveaway! This is one of those times where I’m planning to wait for a good deal and then stocking up on dish soap, laundry detergent, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, etc. I might have an entire cabinet stuffed full of Seventh Generation products but they will have been super cheap!

Let me know if there is a store that you would like updates on! I primarily shop at Giant Eagle and Aldi so that’s where I focus…but I’m always willing to cater to my audience.

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