Eco-Chic Weekend Challenge

Baby steps are the easiest way to up your eco-chic factor…just a small change in your routine can lead to a HUGE impact on your world. I truly believe the idea that a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane in South America. Many small steps equal one great leap!I’m sure I will talk about this idea more in the coming posts…

One of the best ways to step up to the challenge of being eco-chic is try it out over the weekend…like a new pair of shoes or coat. You can always give it up on Monday if it’s not right for you and your family at this time. Or make a change to the challenge and try it again next weekend! Weekends are flexible. You have a little bit of extra time to try something new…to take a few extra minutes to run inside and grab the always forgotten reusable bags…to look up a recipe for some delicious meatless meals…to refill your reusable water bottle before you hit the gym instead of buying a throw-away one from a vending machine (which also uses up lots of energy!)…to look up a pattern that uses up all of your yarn or fabric in your crafting stockpile instead of buying new!

So my personal weekend challenge is to create a solution an area in my life that regularly produces waste. I’m going to observe my behaviors and actions on Saturday and then create the solution on Sunday…I will be at a conference all day Saturday and then a concert that night so it will be an atypical day BUT I’m already thinking that it’s going to be disposable packaging and plastic bags. I can’t wait to see what the weekend brings!!

To be honest, I really struggled coming up with my challenge even thought I thought it would be easy! What about you??

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