Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day…um…make that granola?

You can check out my review of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and know that I adore this book and it’s concept (super easy dough recipe that you store for a few weeks in your fridge and then use as desired – no kneading needed lol). Breaking down food in to the simplest components is one of the best ways to eat – and these peeps make it easy! I have some dough in my fridge waiting to be baked and devoured as I type.

Well, now I’m in more in love with Jeff Hertsberg and Zoe Francois. And it just snuck up on me! I was innocently checking my Facebook feed and it was love (or at least interest) at first sight when I saw a post from AB in 5 about a much loved granola recipe. It was like they knew that I had just told Paul that morning that I needed an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast to quickly and most likely in my office. They posted this recipe for granola created by Zoe’s Aunt Melissa and  use it in a granola bread recipe in the book.

So I decided to make this granola. I have no idea why. I’m not a huge granola person. It’s always hard and tears up the roof of my mouth. But I’ve been so happy with my success with the bread recipes from the book, I decided to move forward…and I was bored on Sunday.

I headed over to Aldi to pick up some staples and I grabbed dried cherries and blueberries for a little over $3 a bag to throw in and some dried (sweetened) coconut for $1.25. And then I made another great discovery at Acme…the bulk food bins in the natural food section (I’m going to post about this discovery later today or tomorrow). I picked up all the grains from the bulk food bins needed for the granola – rolled oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and I decided to throw in flax seeds at last-minute for their health benefits for $1.50!! ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS!!! Shocked, blown away, and excited were just a few emotions that I felt as I paid. And I still have half of all the seeds for my next round of granola.

I already had cinnamon, almonds, honey, vanilla extract, and Ohio maple syrup in my cupboard…But when I went for the canola oil, my cupboard was bare. And then I saw the coconut oil that I had posted about here. I thought to myself, “do I dare?” and I dared. And it paid off! So delicious and I had the health benefits of the coconut oil. I might take the maple syrup, honey, and agave syrup levels down a bit to make up for the sweetness of the sweetened coconut and coconut oil.

Final review: This granola is delicious! It was no trouble to gather the ingredients and the recipe was super easy to follow. Be sure to watch the granola while it’s baking so you don’t over bake it…Like I said, I hate crunchy granola and waited until mine was toasted but not too hard. It has been devoured every morning and afternoon with yogurt, milk, soy milk, and plucked out of the container with bare fingers…Make it, you will love it. And it is easily made using whatever dried fruit and nuts you have on hand or are on sale at your favorite shopping spot.

I’m convinced that part of the reason that this granola was so delicious is because I wore my newly created apron! I made this at the Beginning Machine Sewing class over at Craft Akron. You can check it on Martha’s Craft Akron blog (mine is the pink one).

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10 Responses to Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day…um…make that granola?

  1. Kristina says:

    Depending upon where you are in ‘Kron, there’s also a Mr. Bulky’s food store that sells that stuff in bulk, too. (Howe Ave, Chapel Hill area)

    • Good to know and thanks for the tip! I will definitely check Mr.Bulky’s out. I’m in Kent so Chapel Hill is pretty convenient.

      The co-op in Kent also had organic bulk bins but it’s not quite as pocket-friendly…I’m going to check it out the next time I make the granola…

  2. Kim says:

    Found you through Craft Akron. I have been debating taking the Beginners Sewing class over there, but I am epically bad at sewing from what I have tried so far. 🙂 What is the class like? Do they have super patient teachers? What did they have you make?

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for clicking through to my blog 🙂 I would ABSOLUTELY recommend classes at Craft Akron. I’ve only taken them with Martha so far but she is very patient and very dedicated to teaching you how to be a great sewer. She knows all sorts of little tips and tricks that make sewing easy and fun! I decided to take the Beginners Sewing class because I’ve used my machine for some basic projects, I’ve used patterns before, etc so I thought I was at least a beginner. In theory, I’m right. But our class moved slowly because she filled myself and the other student in on all sorts of small errors we were making and how to correct them…Basically, I “know” how to sew pretty well…but it was obvious that I don’t KNOW how to sew. I wish I would have started with the Introduction to Machine Sewing. As she was correcting some of my mistakes (in the most gracious way possible), I finally understood why I was getting so frustrated before – I was just making sewing harder than it needed to be! So that’s the class I recommend to start 🙂

      The class sizes are always small (there were 2 students at my class, and the max is 6, I think). Martha is fantastic – she has more knowledge about crafts that I will ever know! And she is very patient. She truly wants you to ENJOY sewing, not just learn it. We made the same style apron that is shown in the class photo. There’s no pattern but you learn quite a few skills like gathering, decorative stitching, corners, etc. I’m actually taking the Intermediate Class tomorrow (weather permitting) and I’m sure that I will post about that as well. I’m looking forward to taking a knitting class there at some point too! Let me know what you think, if you do end up taking a class 🙂

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  4. How exciting about your bag! And that granola recipe looks like a good one to try. The last granola I made was OK, but not wonderful so I think I’m ready to give it another try.

  5. Why did I say bag? I’ve had a long day! I meant apron! *blush*

    • LOL no problem : )

      I promise this granola recipe is yummy. A co-worker made it and she loved it! Just watch the baking time…that’s what could ruin it. Let me know how it goes if you try it!

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