Quick Trip to the Winter Farmers Market in Kent!



We managed to make a quick trip to the Winter Farmers Market at Lucky Penny Creamery in Kent this morning in between a doctor’s appointment and a community service event. It was an adorable little market with some folks who are passionate about making delicious, natural food. I saw snack bars made from hemp seeds, reusable sandwich wraps, antibiotic free range beef and chicken, jams, cookies, and goat cheese galore.

I was most excited about trying some of Lucky Penny Creamery’s goat cheese! Goat cheese is one of my favorite foods and to have it from locally-raised goats was too good to be true. They have samples of all of their products and I obviously helped myself to all of it…so I could review it for my blog obviously!

I picked up some freshly made cinnamon bread, peanut butter fudge made from goat milk, freshly picked bay leaves, duck eggs, feta cheese made from goats milk, and, my favorite, honey chevre (goat chhese). And that was definitely holding myself back from all of the other booths.

If you are in the Kent area, this is a must do on a Saturday morning! Let me know what sweet treats you pick up!

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5 Responses to Quick Trip to the Winter Farmers Market in Kent!

  1. Kim says:

    I have a friend who lives in Kent, and he is totally into health food and farmer’s markets, so I had to post this on his facebook to make sure he knew about it. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hi there,
    so glad you enjoyed our little market. I just finished up the website for the market- http://www.kentwintermarket.com. Should up on the web by tomorrow. thanks for your support! Katrina (the meat and egg farmer, and market manager)

    • Thank you SO much for the link! I will be sure to put it up on my blog 🙂 I adore farmers market and I’m so happy that we have one right here in Kent. I know it’s a hard job but thank you for doing it!

      I’m looking forward to linking up to events, updates, etc on the website!


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