Eco-Chic Deals – 2/7/11

It’s that time of the week again! Enjoy and feel free to share your savings…

  • World Market is a great place to pick up some fair trade coffee and organic food stuffs…and there is usually a $10 off your $30 coupon to be found! I need to make a trip here this weekend to pick up some coffee and an imported chocolate or two!
  • O.B. is giving away a coupon and a FREE sample of their non-applicator tampons. I’m planning a post on “women’s products” LOL but remember the less waste you have from your monthly friend, the better! Some women think these tampons are icky at first but people usually love them once they try them!! Hence, the recent shortage! Boxes were selling on Ebay for $20!!
  • Send your bestie or lova a free Redbox rental for Valentine’s Day!! Nothing says I love like a free movie…And is a great way to encourage renting/sharing a resource instead of buying individually!


  • No great eco-deals but they are offering a $3 off your $10 cosmetics purchase when you scan your CVS card at the big read card reader at the front of the store. This is a great way to save on natural cosmetics (especially if you took advantage of the Physicians Formula deal last week!). I’m planning on picking up some Essie nail polish or nail polish remover…or maybe an Eco-Tool makeup brush…oh the options!

Thanks to Cherry Picker for the above deals!

Target (Thanks Common Sense with Money!)

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