S.W.A.K. Bags for V-Day!

I adore Valentine’s Day. I truly LOVE love. And, yes, I’m that obnoxious girl wearing pink and red and giving out chocolates and smiles all day long on V-day. And here’s why…

Pink + Chocolate + Champagne + Kisses + Love (for everyone) = my favorite things!

So don’t tell me how commercial the holiday is…It’s only as “Hallmark” as you make it! So there! *sticks out tongue*

So to celebrate my first Valentine’s Day in Kent, I’m making up S.W.A.K. bags (get it S.W.A.K. instead of swag?) for some of my lovies…and people who just deserve some love! I put up a post on my Facebook offering up a S.W.A.K. bag to whoever wanted a little love this v-day and I’m hoping that I do get a few responses…Everyone deserves to have a little TLC sent their way and to know that they are special on Valentine’s Day!

So here are a few ideas that I am brainstorming for my S.W.A.K. Bags…

Thanks to Martha Stewart, I’m definitely making up a second batch of marshmallows…And thanks to the idea of one of my staff, I’m making them pink and heart-shaped…I *promise* your hot cocoa will taste better!

Too easy and too adorable! Oh yeah, and delish! I’m thinking the pretzels will be best…a little salty, a little sweet!

Easy but incredible! Chocolate-covered Oreos…but picture pink and red instead of red and green!

A few special ladies might receive some heart hair clips…even though Paul said that they look like eggs…and then a pearl inside of the oyster shell…but they are hearts and they are adorable!

And, inspired by my recent Lasik surgery, a lovely seeing eye chart that reminds you of something that you should always remember…Thanks to It’s a Crafty Life!

And here are a few ruffly, flowery, fancy crafts that make my heart swoon! I’m hoping that I can find lots of these materials at Goodwill or another resale shop in the next day or two!

Completely adorable silhouette pillow that seems easy to make! I would love to do this on a patterned material with a white paint…

*Thanks to Ellie at HomeStiched*

Originally saw this on Cherry Picker and I’ve had red felt on my “To Find” list ever since…

Last but in no way least…these beauties aka kissing balls!! I always see crepe paper and ribbon at Goodwill so my fingers are crossed that this can be an upcycled V-Day delight!

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