Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day has been filled with love for your partner/besties/yourself today! I completely recognize that Valentine’s Day can be cliche but I would also challenge that there is nothing wrong with a day that reminds you to love and cherish your loved ones and yourself. If you recognize that you could easily over-consume and waste both financial and physical resources, then you can adjust and celebrate with ease! I enjoy a cuddle and bottle of champagne just as much as presents and stuffed animals.

Paul and I celebrated yesterday with a delicious homemade dinner of mushroom fettucine inspired by Bistro on Main and then fondue tonight. Delicious! We love food and enjoy celebrating events with fabulous meals, hence all the cooking that’s been happening in our apartment. We usually go out but we kept it low-key this year because we are leaving for Austin, TX for one of my close friend’s wedding this weekend!

I celebrated myself by taking a nap and indulging in a pricey bottle of moscato di asti after a late meeting…What can I say? I adore myself!

So besides linguine with clam sauce and chocolate fondue (postponed tonight due to lack of time – lame!), I also did some serious baking for my S.W.A.K. bags this weekend! Unfortunately, these did not turn into the wonderful, love-filled packages that I had hoped to share with friends due to the insane week I just had (posted about here). But I was able to treat Paul to some deliciousness as well as my staff. They definitely appreciated the sugar rush this morning!

Pink, heart-shaped marshmallows were on the menu for the S.W.A.K. bags and make quite the statement for the small amount of effort they require…oh, and did I mention that they are ADORABLE?!

While I impatiently waited for the marshmallows to set, I whipped up  a few whoopie pies with a box of cake mix and some homemade buttercream frosting…SO EASY! Well, after the first batch that I lightly burned…I promise that they taste better than they look.

Then, I moved on to chocolate-dipped oreos…I found this recipe after following a link on Common Sense with Money. The oreos were challenging. Why did I legitimately think that I would be able to simply dip the oreos in the melted chocolate? Oh no. I had to frost them individually. I almost gave up but once I tasted how good the first batch was, I knew it was worth the effort! Note the missing row of oreos…

The S.W.A.K. bags were adorable and I can’t believe that I didn’t take a pic! But use your imagination…

Quick Eco-Chic tip: I thought about buying a box of valentines but ended up purchasing just one scrapbooking page of different valentine shapes and sayings…Be creative and look for ways to save materials AND costs (25 cent piece of paper? yes, please!). Tiny Choices had a great post today on using materials that you already have too!


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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Laura says:

    I see you in two days!!!

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