Ten on Tuesday inspired by It’s a Crafty Life

Thanks to It’s a Crafty Life for 10 on Tuesday!

I’m dedicating my 10 to a few of the changes that I have made to be eco-chic…Some might be easy, some might be harder, but here are the 10 things that I have done to be eco-chic!

  1. We recycle EVERYTHING. Well, all items that can be recycled. Our apartment has single-stream recycling so it couldn’t be easier. Bag it up and walk down the hall. My office has recycling as well.
  2. I reuse whatever I can. I have a few posts coming up on upcycled crafts and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of creating something fantastic out of something that could have easily ended up in a landfill. I also just saved an olive container from the Olive Bar at Giant Eagle to put in to my reusable stuff stock. Ideally, it will come with me along with my reusable bags to Giant Eagle so I don’t have to use another container for some delicious olives. Or I will use it to freeze sauce, soup, pass along leftovers, etc. 
  3. Reduce my consumption. Reducing is even more important than recycling. Ideally, items will never be created therefore reducing the resources needed to create and transport new stuff. I don’t buy single-serve food items…I re-package yogurt, snacks, cookies, etc into smaller amounts with reusable containers.
  4. I use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (aka granola). All natural. My teeth love it.
  5. I stopped buying  ho-hum shirts or pants just because it was on clearance and cheap…I realized that it’s worth buying less, but better quality items (or items that I love more) if I’m going to continue to wear them after the first time and not push it to the back of my closet. I still remember the $70 dress that I LOVED but instead I bought $70 worth of pants and t-shirts because I could get more. I don’t have any of those items but I still yearn for that dress!
  6. Recycled toilet paper. Not as fabulous as Charmin but it’s not made out of virgin wood. And sometimes it’s less than $1 a package with a coupon! TMI, I know but still…it’s good stuff.
  7. I try to repair my clothes, accessories, homegoods, etc as much as possible. I love that I can drop off my heels at the shoe repair shop and pick them up a few days later as good as new! I get at least 6 more months out of the shoes so it saves me time and money – two very precious resources! Oh, and they stay out of a landfill!
  8. Turn off the lights! If I’m watching TV or updating my blog, I turn off the light. Or I might have a cuddle session with my lovie (person or animal!) in the glow of a movie. It’s so obvious but often ignored.
  9. I try to only eat meat at one meal a day or less. Pesticides, antibiotic use, transportation, methane gas – all of this is reduced by consuming less meat!
  10. I eat leftovers…sometimes this means that I eat them over and over again because I made WAY too much of something (like lasagna) but I try to create a lunch out of leftovers or re-invent pasta for spaghetti into pasta primavera.

I absolutely know that these are not NEW ideas but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction helps 🙂 It’s not about re-inventing the wheel but rather staying focused on the wheel!

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5 Responses to Ten on Tuesday inspired by It’s a Crafty Life

  1. thanks for the comment…I love all these ideas…
    We are trying to be better too…it gets hard with 3 little ones and faced pace life though.
    new follower of your blog!

  2. Kim says:

    You are really good at pointing out what little things can be done without making me feel bad, but I feel bad anyways. 🙂 I really should step up on things like this, we are not really the most “green” people. {But I totally do have that light one, I’m the light nazi!!} Thanks for the inspiration!! And thanks for linking up!

  3. Chrissy – It’s definitely a process! I’m all about small steps that make gradual lifestyle changes instead of a crazy overhaul of your habits…especially with little ones in your life 🙂 Hopefully some of the tips on this blog will inspire you along your journey to be green!

    Kim – Don’t fee bad!! Like I said, it’s a process! Being aware of what could be changed is the first step…Being a light nazi is a GREAT place to start 🙂

  4. Hey! All good reminders. I have also stopped purchasing junky clothes on clearance, I just pick them up at the thrift store now. Mostly because I prefer cashmere over acrylic but also because I am not creating a demand for more cheap clothing…..

    • I stopped by Goodwill the other day to search for some craft supplies and someone had donated their entire wardrobe of Express clothes in my size…it was AMAZING.

      I agree about the demand for cheap clothing…It sucks when you wash something and it’s ruined. I’m not sure why we all put up with it! Good luck with your thrifting adventures 🙂

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