Eco-Chic Daily Deals from Eversave and Groupon

Super quick post…There are two deals out there that I wanted to let you know about…Taking advantage of these types of deals (as needed and desired) is one of the best ways to save money on organic, natural, repurposed, sustainable, green items (I know you loved all those adjectives in a row!).

  • Eversave – Cleveland has $40 worth of jewelry created from recycled gold, silver, etc and fair trade sustainable gems. This jewelry is GORGEOUS but $40 won’t get you very far…but if you are looking to indulge yourself or a friend, this is perfect!

  • Groupon – Akron/Canton has a great deal to a local restaurant – The Stew Pot Kitchen. $5 for $10 worth of delicious soup with a green focus! I’m definitely scooping this Groupon!
    • From Groupon…”Using seasonal ingredients supplied by the owner’s vegetable garden and local farmers’ markets, The Stew Pot spoons out fresh, succulent, and sustainable fare. The eatery keeps bills and eco-footprints low with a simple spread of veggie-laden soups and stews (small, $2.50; large, $3.50) lovingly ladled into compostable cups and bowls”
  • A second Groupon has beer and wine making kits for crazy low prices from Abruzzo’s in Kent! This is one of the most eco-chic ways to indulge in a glass (or two) of wine. You reuse wine bottles as well as save on the fuel to transport those heavy wine bottles.


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