Why yes, I did treat myself to a present today…

I was doing some blog hopping this morning with my morning cup of coffee and clicked over to Joy in the Jumble. Not only did her list of recipes for Ten on Tuesday look delicious, she also had a sponsor featured on her sidebar.

My curious nature forced me to click on the adorable button for Amula Designs. And I’m so glad I did! I indulged myself with this little handmade treasure…

Oh…and this one too.

I couldn’t help myself. I just pictured it on my wrist with my Tiffany’s charm bracelet and made a very wise impulse purchase.There’s so much beauty found in simplicity…especially when paired with charm bracelets.

I’m still smiling just looking at that necklace…what a fabulous accessory for Spring! I’ve really reduced my shopping and now try to only buy clothes, shoes, accessories that make me swoon, squeal, or touch – and these two pieces caused several of those reactions! Paul recently gave a great demonstration of how I walk around the high-end shoe section of Nordstrom’s and pet shoes. Who doesn’t pet Miu Miu’s and Louboutins? And sigh. I pet and sigh. Oh my. You might know too much about me now. I wear leggings as pants and act like a crazy person around shoes…can you handle that? I sure hope so!

PS – these two items are now gone because they will hopefully be in the mail to me any minute but there were quite a few available in different colors!


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One Response to Why yes, I did treat myself to a present today…

  1. I love Amula’s stuff, and it really is such a great price. I am glad you like the button, I made it and really need to buy that necklace I used:)

    It is always fun to treat yourself to something that makes you happy.
    P.S. I swoon, sigh, and pet fabrics. The colors, the textures… too much to handle sometimes:)

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