Eco-Chic Review: The Soda Stream

One of my biggest weaknesses is pop, specifically Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I LOVE pop. I always joke that a fountain pop can get you through anything. At my previous job, I would run down the road to Speedway and get a 32 oz fountain pop (yes, it had to be 32 ounces…not one more or less) and all would be good in the world. Bring on the angry calls and crazy issues. In fact, I regularly said “just go get a fountain pop and move on” during stressful situations.

Disposable plastic cups and containers were first on my list of bad, non-eco-chic, habits to break. Our culture consumes SO much. Packaging, containers, silverware – we have disposable everything. I am absolutely not perfect. I get take-out containers a few times a week at work (they are biodegradable!) and the occasional 32 oz fountain pop. And now that we can only recycle 1s and 2s in Kent, our yogurt containers go in the trash instead of the recycling bin.

That’s where this rockstar comes in…


The Soda Stream

The Soda Stream website probably says it best:

No lugging.     No storage.     No empties.     Great Price.

I adore the Soda Stream and it has filled a void in my life. It has been on my wish list for at least a year…and then the incredible Paul gifted me one for Christmas. LOVE him and love the soda stream.

The thing about pop is that it’s not all about the flavor for me. It’s all about the bubbles. The bubbles make water taste delicious and are more satisfying to me. I can have a glass of freshly carbonated water with dinner and it doesn’t feel like a punishment. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any meal and just makes the day a little bit brighter. (Um…sometimes water feels like a punishment drink even though it is necessary and delicious when you are super thirsty. I also recongize that it is a priviledge to hate on water).

The Soda Stream comes with two reusable bottles and the CO2 necessary for carbonation. It has been my new best friend since Christmas and I just had to switch out my CO2 tank for a new one last week. It lasted for 3 months with regular, almost daily use. It was easy – just go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s customer service desk and they have the refills. You can even use a coupon!

The variety of flavors for your freshly bubbled water is huge and a major perk – diet cola, orange pop, something that is supposed to be like Fresca. The only one that we have is the fake Red Bull flavoring. It definitely gives you wings! I just noticed that the website is featuring the new line of Sparking Naturals flavors that will come out sometime this spring – no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. Very nice!

I picked up some flavored syrups in cherry and pomegranate from World Market when we first got the Soda Stream and it makes delicious Italian Sodas. When those are gone, I will probably switch to 100% juice as a flavoring just to reduce the pure sugar factor of it all.

My obsession with the Soda Stream has turned in to a great thing for the environment. I have drastically reduced the number of bottled drinks that I buy – this saves on the packaging material for bottles and all of the resources that go in to creating the product in the first place! And the Soda Stream is gaining in popularity…when I first discovered it, no one knew what it was…now I know 3 other people who own and love the Soda Stream.

The one downside is the price. It’s usually between $80-$100 so it’s a steep initial investment. I promise it’s worth it and you can even use a coupon on it at places like Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even Kohls has gotten in on the Soda Stream love.

In conclusion, get it, love it, and drink up!

A terrible photo of my soda stream...



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2 Responses to Eco-Chic Review: The Soda Stream

  1. This would be great for my family since my kids LOVE root beer. I need to look into getting one, especially when they start up with the natural flavorings.

    • Katie says:

      When I first heard about the Soda Stream, it seemed unusual BUT now that I have one, it seems like they are becoming more and more popular! A huge money saver 🙂 definitely recommend it !

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