Eco-chic on the Road…Seneca Falls, NY




I’ve been on the road with Paul exploring the Finger Lakes region of New York for the past few days…and it has been an incredible adventure for us! More to come on the trip but I wanted to give a quick example of what you can discover if you keep your eco,chic eyes (and, in this case, ears) open.

We stopped in at a local coffee shop, Zuzu’s Cafe, for my very much needed morning cup of joe and a breakfast treat. This shop was gorgeous inside with lots of dark woods and jewel tones. Zuzu’s also happened to feature 100% recyclable plates, freshly baked pastries, and locally roasted coffee. Oh, AND microgreens were being grown in one of the windows along with some avocado pits (they spout roots if placed in water…). I was obviously very pleased with the values of this coffee shop that we accidentally stumbled in to…

Paul also overheard a Seneca Falls local share that a free, soft-opening of the community theater’s new production of Art was taking place that evening. You can’t find out about this stuff at Bob Evans or Dunkin Donuts! The play was excellent and gave us the opportunity to experience some local art instead of driving to the next town over to see a movie.

We are on our way back to NEO now and I will definitely miss the beauty of this area and all of the wine tastings! More to come…

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