Ruffle pillow

I love lots of pillows…cutsy, flowery, soft pillows to cuddle up with while watching movies, reading, blogging, or lounging hard. But I could never pay for them…$10-20? Forget about it! I would rather craft up a few of my own…with a focus on upcycling, of course.

So here is my ruffle pillow! It fits perfectly with my bed and Shadow loves snuggling next to it…which is only a small problem since he has black fur…and the pillow is white. Oh well.

I started off with a thrifted bed skirt, some leftover ribbon, and my trusty rotary cutter. I cut out two squares for the pillow and then 2 inch strips of fabric for the ruffles. Lots of strips.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to sharpen a rotary cutter? Or who might be able to do this? Please and thank you!

Then, I sewed them on in a pleated-ruffle style. I tried to do a messy row of just pushing the fabric through this way and that…but getting it perfectly messy was too stressful for me (sounds counter-intuitive right?). So I pleated. And pleated. And pleated again.

There is a photo at the bottom of the post of the back of the pillow…it’s super easy to make pillow covers to change as your mood desires.


Then I scooped up this pillow for $0.50 from the thrift store…and I washed it, in hot water, multiple times. I’m pretty confident that it’s clean.


Then I shoved the pillow inside of the case…and it was a done deal! Another cute addition to my bed. The pillow was super easy to make (less than an hour) and came in to my life at the perfect time…I’ve been spending way too much time in my bed. Snacking, reading, blogging. It’s just so comfortable on rainy days! I tried to convince Paul to eat dinner in bed…but it just doesn’t have the same romantic ring as breakfast in bed…And grilled cheese crumbs would be gross. I even removed a few pillows from the shot below…but I made the blooming pillow as well last fall…love it!

Here’s a shot of the back of the pillow…

This is a project that I actually completed awhile ago so I’ve deleted the blog that inspired it…I’m sorry! Let me know if you recognize it so I can give credit where it is due!

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