Inspiration in the form of a craving…

I’ve been craving something sweet alllll day long. But I couldn’t quite but my finger on what it was…

A giant cookie? Too dry.

A milkshake? Too cold.

A Malley’s MallowEgg? Not rich enough.

Hmm…and then it dawned on me at CVS while I was browsing the clearance Easter candy. A cupcake would solve my all day long craving. Specifically, a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and smashed whoppers on top. YUM. My belly was growling with excitement.

One minor problem – I had no chocolate to make chocolate cupcake mix or cocoa. Hmm…so I settled on a light and fluffy white cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting for Round #1. Then I saved half of the frosting and added some homemade cherry jam that I picked up from the Countryside Conservancy a few weeks ago. See those pink beauties? Cherry-vanilla frosting. DELICIOUS. A brilliant move on my part if I do say so myself!


Don’t worry about those two missing cupcakes…They are safe and sound in my and Paul’s belly. And their friends are sure to follow…

How do you satisfy your cravings?

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