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Eco-Chic Review: The Soda Stream

One of my biggest weaknesses is pop, specifically Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I LOVE pop. I always joke that a fountain pop can get you through anything. At my previous job, I would run down the road to Speedway and … Continue reading

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Why yes, I did treat myself to a present today…

I was doing some blog hopping this morning with my morning cup of coffee and clicked over to Joy in the Jumble. Not only did her list of recipes for Ten on Tuesday look delicious, she also had a sponsor … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday – Cookbooks I swoon over!

It’s time for Ten on Tuesday! I missed last week but we are back on track! Cookbooks are so inspiring to me…I love reading the stories of how recipes are created, the steps on how to make something extra delicious … Continue reading

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Review – Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

I took a VERY extended break from the blog – I’m not sure if anyone missed me but I decided to re-commit in 2011. So get ready because it’s going to be an incredible year! I’m going try to build … Continue reading

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