Remember that Greenworks deal at Target?

I scooped it!

Here’s what I purchased at Target for $3!!! Going green is so easy when it’s this cheap…


I used a combination of printable coupons from (for all products!) and Recyclebank, cell coupons from Target for all products, and I found a coupon on the bathroom cleaner as well! The Tom’s of Maine was on clearance for $2.24 – I had a cell coupon for $1 off and a printable coupon from for $1 off…so I paid $0.24!

Did you know that you can use a Target coupon AND  a manufacturer coupon on the same item? Apparently, you can also use the coupons that Target texts out too!

Couponing really is addicting…but the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste came just in time…we are about to run out! Let me know if you have any questions…Couponing is fun but confusing too.

Check out the details of the Greenworks deal at Totally Target!

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Ten on Tuesday – 10 Tips to Eco-Chic your Bathroom

Everyone needs to start their eco-chic journey somewhere…The kitchen is the most obvious because of the food, paper products, grocery bags, etc that are used BUT why not the bathroom? As I was thinking about today’s Ten on Tuesday, I wanted to make it some easy steps to up the green factor in your life. Quick, easy choices that you can make at Target, your grocery store, etc. And the bathroom seemed like a fun place to focus!

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is 10 Tips to Eco-Chic your Bathroom…Enjoy!

1. Switch toothpaste. I adore Tom’s of Maine. And it’s usually at Big Lots for a couple bucks a tube. The spearmint taste is so pure that my mouth feels refreshed all day…or until I drink my standard 4 cups of coffee!

2. Use “green” cleaning products. I couldn’t be more pleased with Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner and Window Cleaner. While other green products have been less impressive, Seventh Generation offers all of the germ and scum fighting that I need…without hurting the earth. A true favorite of mine.

3. Air dry your towels. If that is not an option, use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Dryers have a huge impact on resources…it’s one of the most draining items in your home –  So the less you use it the better. If you do use the dryer, use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. You can find these balls at all major stores (I’ve even gotten mine at Aldi) and they just stay in your dryer for months. You lose the Snuggle soft scent but otherwise you are golden. Oh, and they are only $4-$5 and last for at least 6 months. Much more wallet-chic too!

4. Recycle your toilet paper tubes! You can create art with the tubes or just toss them in the recycling bin…but please just don’t throw them away! I also recycle the boxes that my toothpaste comes in as soon as I come home from the store. That way it’s done and I’m not being lazy and tossing it in the trash while I’m late for work and searching for the tube…

5. Use recycled toilet paper and/or avoid those wipes…even if they are biodegradable. If you never buy them, then they never exist. And then no resources are used to create them. Marcal has a great product!

6. A better toothbrush…Preserve makes a toothbrush out of recycled #5 plastic. It’s the same cost as most other toothbrushes so it’s any easy switch! A bit hard to find but check out a health food store or buy online.

7. Treat your ears to a new swab…the cotton used in q-tips needs tons of pesticides to grow. Organic cotton q-tips are easy to find on and probably at your local health food store. If you don’t go organic, please please please don’t use the swabs with the plastic stick! That stick does not biodegrade. Please and thank you.

8. Wash up with a puff made out of recycled plastic. Eco-tools makes a bath puff out of recycled plastic bags. It’s $1.99 at Giant Eagle. I LOVE it when the green choice is just as accessible and affordable as the “other” choice. Just check out Eco-tools no matter what! They have great make-up brushes too. These brushes get great reviews online and are green – double yay!

9. Reuse your towels. And/or try towels made mostly out of viscose, a fiber from bamboo. This is based on your own personal ick factor…I can use a towel for a day or two and then move it in to rotation to dry my hair. The more I use the towel, the less loads of laundry, which means less resources used. Oh, and less laundry folded.

10. Ditch those throwaway cups. Put a pretty vintage juice glass next to the sink to rinse out your toothpaste or get a latenight drink of water instead of those flimsy little cups. These are om Ebay…

I’m looking forward to putting together the 10 Tips to Eco-Chic your Beauty…This post will be very educational for me. My bathroom is eco-chic, but most of my make-up, haircare products, etc are not…And doesn’t my face deserve to be just as eco-chic as my toilet? Yeah, I thought so too!


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Eco-Chic Deals – April 12th

I would like to start adding more deals to Eco-Chic in Suburbia. Why not let you all in on the deals that I am taking advantage of? But this means that I will need to delete these posts after a week or two so they do not clutter but the rest of the content too much…so you be warned!

Groupon/Living Social/Etc

Living Social – Cleveland: $7 for a vegan pie from Tremont Scoops! I just ‘scooped’ up another deal in the Tremont area so if this is still available tomorrow, then I will buy it. A great treat to share with the other volunteers at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Groupon – Cleveland: $9 for a full-tasting menu, logo growler, and pint glass from Rust Belt Brewing Company in Youngstown, OH. One of the best ways to get your alcohol is locally or out of a box…And the beer here is divine! We made a stop there after the Italian Festival last year.

Eversave – Columbus: $10 for $20 worth of fresh, local, premium meat from North Market Poultry and Game. Wish I still lived in Columbus!

Coupons to Print…

Marcal Small Steps Paper Products: $1 off a recycled paper product just for liking Marcal on Facebook! Easy as vegan pie (see above).

Mercedes at Common Sense with Money has a whole list of great coupons for you too!

Target Deals from Southern Savers

  • Kashi Cookies, 8.5 oz, Bars, 6 ct., $2.99 (you can buy coupons for Kashi on Ebay!)
    Buy 4, Get 1 Free
    Store Coupon -$1.50/3 Kashi crackers, cookies or bars (Target coupon), 6 oz + printable
  • Silk Soy, Almond or Coconut Milk, 64 oz, $2.99 (Paul loves coconut milk!)
    Manufacturer Coupon -$1 off Silk Pure Almond or Soymilk printable
    Manufacturer Coupon -$2 off Silk soymilk printable
    Manufacturer Coupon -.55/1 Silk Soymilk or  Almond milk, half gal printable
    Manufacturer Coupon -.75/1 Silk Pure Almond printable
    Manufacturer Coupon -.75/1 Silk Pure Coconut coconut milk printable
    Manufacturer Coupon -.75/1 Silk Soymilk printable
    (use $2 off, makes it 99¢)

Greenworks deal at Totally Target – too complicated to copy and paste but I am planning on picking it up this week!

That’s what I’ve got for now! Let me know what else you see or need.

PS – I do not take advantage of all of the deals that I bring to you…I simply can’t afford to with my wallet or my time so please let me know what you think if you take advantage of one! Or let them know that I sent you. Thanks in advance!

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Ruffle pillow

I love lots of pillows…cutsy, flowery, soft pillows to cuddle up with while watching movies, reading, blogging, or lounging hard. But I could never pay for them…$10-20? Forget about it! I would rather craft up a few of my own…with a focus on upcycling, of course.

So here is my ruffle pillow! It fits perfectly with my bed and Shadow loves snuggling next to it…which is only a small problem since he has black fur…and the pillow is white. Oh well.

I started off with a thrifted bed skirt, some leftover ribbon, and my trusty rotary cutter. I cut out two squares for the pillow and then 2 inch strips of fabric for the ruffles. Lots of strips.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to sharpen a rotary cutter? Or who might be able to do this? Please and thank you!

Then, I sewed them on in a pleated-ruffle style. I tried to do a messy row of just pushing the fabric through this way and that…but getting it perfectly messy was too stressful for me (sounds counter-intuitive right?). So I pleated. And pleated. And pleated again.

There is a photo at the bottom of the post of the back of the pillow…it’s super easy to make pillow covers to change as your mood desires.


Then I scooped up this pillow for $0.50 from the thrift store…and I washed it, in hot water, multiple times. I’m pretty confident that it’s clean.


Then I shoved the pillow inside of the case…and it was a done deal! Another cute addition to my bed. The pillow was super easy to make (less than an hour) and came in to my life at the perfect time…I’ve been spending way too much time in my bed. Snacking, reading, blogging. It’s just so comfortable on rainy days! I tried to convince Paul to eat dinner in bed…but it just doesn’t have the same romantic ring as breakfast in bed…And grilled cheese crumbs would be gross. I even removed a few pillows from the shot below…but I made the blooming pillow as well last fall…love it!

Here’s a shot of the back of the pillow…

This is a project that I actually completed awhile ago so I’ve deleted the blog that inspired it…I’m sorry! Let me know if you recognize it so I can give credit where it is due!

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Eco-Chic Events 4/8 – 4/10

TGI (EC) F. Get it? Thank goodness it’s Eco-Chic Friday!

Let’s see what’s happening this weekend…What are your plans? Things seem pretty chill this weekend…maybe everyone is gearing up for Earth Day on April 22nd!

Saturday, April 9th

  • Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market
    • Old Trail School, Bath, OH 9 AM – 12 PM
    • This is a HUGE winter market. Lots of vendors with meat, jam, bread, natural products. And they have a little cafeteria to snack on some natural and/or organic treats.
    • Brunty Farms is here too! Love them.
  • Lambing Days!
    • 9 – 11 AM @ Spicy Lamb Farm, 6560 Akron-Peninsula Rd, Peninsula, OH
    • The Spicy Lamb Farm has some new arrivals that you can visit! $5 per person or $20 per family.
    • If you know me, you know I LOVE baby animals. I will definitely be checking this out later in the month.

Upcoming Events – Get your calendar ready!

Saturday, April 25th


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Easy Eco-chic Choice…


Let me apologize in advance for the terrible photo…I was trying to snap this shot as quickly as possible. Because, yes, it is a little awkward to take a photo of your coffee in front of a bunch of people LOL

Sometimes eco-chic choices are just too easy – so don’t let them pass you by. Today I got a coffee refill with Fair Trade Vanilla Bean coffee. There were a few other options but I was going to pay $0.99 regardless so why not use my money to show my values?



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Spring Stashbust!

We all have a stash of something. Maybe your stash is shoes or Fiestaware (wait – those are both mine). If you do anything at all crafty, you not only have a stash, you have a STASH. Every new projects seems to need a trip to the craft store…for supplies, doo-dads, fabric, flowers, beads, stamps, paper…the list goes on and on. People have shelves, closets, basements full of STASH.

Sometimes I spend so much time shopping for the items, I run out of time to do the inspired craft! Or I simply lose all of my motivation. That’s even worse. Due to this and my busy life, I actually craft a lot less than I would like! At this moment, my stash is split up between my apartment and my old house…They will be combined at sometime soon and then I will completely run out of stash storage space in my new place. And be warned when you look at the photos, my STASH is really just a stash. It’s teeny tiny compared to others…but really…do I need a cabinet of fabric? I think not.

Here is my current STASH – Part 1.

Part 2 will be documented as soon as I can…but haven’t you seen enough already? Stashes never look nice. That’s why mine is shoved into cabinets and my closet…

This, along with my dedication to eco-chic crafting, inspired me to take part in The T-Shirt Diaries’ Spring Stashbust!!!

This journey means that I will only use crafting supplies already found in my stash. I believe that this will help both the planet and my pocket…and motivate me to finally create some of the items on my Crafting To-Do List. Being creative shouldn’t mean using resources every step of the way…I already focus on buying what I can used and upcycling items I already own (like my my upcycled flower wreath). Stashbusting will give me the reason to focus on what I have – not what I need. And maybe get around to finally sewing my ruffle pillowcases that I bought the fabric for a month ago and an apron or two that were meant as gifts for Valentine’s Day…oops.

Look for the Stashbusting logo on all items that have helped cut my stash for 30 days – or until May 6th. I will post updated stash photos then along with completed projects…Can’t wait to see what I accomplish!


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